In which part of the solar system does most asteroids move?

Currently, about 600 thousand asteroids have been discovered. Almost all of them move between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. This is the main asteroid belt.
The asteroid belt is an area of ​​the solar system located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, which is a cluster of many objects of various sizes, mostly irregular in shape, called asteroids or small planets.
About 98% of all asteroids have orbits enclosed between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The rest go beyond these limits. Moving in highly elongated elliptical orbits, some of the smaller planets come closer to the Sun twice as much as Mercury, and it is they that constitute a danger to the Earth. Others go beyond the orbit of Saturn. Asteroids are not accidentally referred to differently as minor planets. Only 14 of them have diameters greater than 250 kilometers. The rest only in the shape of their orbits resemble large planets and most of them have an irregular, fragmentary shape, related asteroids to meteorites.

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