Indicate the possible consequences if the number of pollinating insects in the meadow ecosystem decreases.

1) a reduction in the number of insect-pollinated plants, a change in the species composition of plants (or, plant biodiversity may also decrease, since these insects contribute to cross-pollination, and this is a source of combinational variability and numerical diversity);
2) reduction in the number and change in the species composition of herbivorous animals;
3) a reduction in the number of insectivorous animals (or, some inhabitants of the meadow that feed on these insects, for example, insectivorous birds, their number decreases, since their food supply in the person of pollinating insects decreases);
4) The biodiversity of insects is reduced, food chains and food networks are changing. Biodiversity is an essential criterion for ecosystem sustainability. (or, larvae of pollinating insects occupy a special link in the food chain; their reduction in adverse effects on the equilibrium in the food chain (the number of eaters of these larvae decreases).

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