Insects that reduce the number of plant pests.

Carnivorous insects

Some insects feed on plant pests, reducing their numbers. Such predatory insects include ladybugs, ground beetles, ants, and lacewings.

Ladybugs are small beetles with bright, dotted elytra. The most beneficial are the two-point, five-point, and seven-point ladybugs. They are red in color with black dots. These beetles and their larvae are common in the aphid colonies that they feed on. Ladybugs hibernate under the bark of trees, under fallen leaves and in other shelters.

Ground beetles are large and medium-sized beetles of black, bronze or green color with a metallic sheen. Most ground beetles are polyphagous predators. The ground beetle is especially useful – fragrant beauty. She eats caterpillars in trees.

Red forest ants are of great benefit. Red forest ants from one anthill, eating about 18 thousand insects per day, protect the forest from insect pests on an area of ​​0.2 hectares.

Lacewings are delicate insects with bulging golden eyes and transparent mesh wings. Their larvae feed mainly on aphids.

Parasitic hymenoptera: wasps and egg-eaters

Females of many wasp species lay eggs in the body of young caterpillars, in which their larvae hatch and develop to pupation.

Females of the whiteworm wasp lay eggs in the body of the cabbage butterfly caterpillars.
Some wasp species lay eggs in pupae bodies.

Ovates are very small hymenoptera that lay their eggs in the eggs of other insects, where they develop. The most famous egg-eaters include telenomus (females lay eggs in the eggs of harmful turtles bedbugs) and trichogramma (lay eggs in more than 80 species of butterflies). Trichogramma is bred in special laboratories on the eggs of grain moths, and then released into gardens, fields and vegetable gardens.

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