Is it enough to know only the species composition of biogeocenosis to present its full description?

The formation of biogeocenosis is carried out due to interspecific relationships that determine its structure, i.e., the ordering of the structure and functioning of the ecosystem. Distinguish species, spatial and trophic structure of biogeocenosis. Therefore, knowledge of only the species structure of biogeocenosis is not enough.
Spatial structure. This structure of biogeocenosis is determined primarily by the addition of phytocenosis. As a rule, phytocenoses are divided into fairly well delimited in space (vertically and horizontally), and sometimes in time, structural elements, or price elements. The main price elements include tiers and microgroups. The former characterize the vertical; the latter, the horizontal dissection of phytocenoses.
The basis of the trophic (food) structure of biogeocenosis is the food chain. Thus, the structure of biogeocenosis makes it possible to determine the properties of a particular community, to find out the prospect of its stability in time and space, and also to anticipate the possible consequences of the impact of anthropogenic factor on it.

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