Is it possible to fully develop a personality without a mentor, teacher?

If we consider almost any spiritual tradition, then almost everywhere the institution of student succession is used, that is, the transfer of experience from a senior mentor to younger students. This also applies in simple areas of human activity. For example, at the enterprise, mentors who are engaged in training are often appointed to new employees.

When it comes to personality development, one should, of course, determine what exactly is personality development as such. Of course, a developed personality can be perceived differently in different societies and cultures.

Nevertheless, to summarize, the developed personality is a person who has reached certain established views, who can substantially control his own actions, have his own time. Perhaps there may be other parameters of the assessment, there are quite a few words to indicate completely understandable meanings. In fact, at the level of simple perception there is an opportunity to even just look at a person, well, or evaluate his actions and understand whether we have a developed personality or not at all.

Does a mentor affect a person’s ability to take place? Probably, the main factor here is a personal example and the transfer of the experience that a mentor can give.

In this sense, in my opinion, the concept is worthy of attention, according to which everything needs to be learned from the person who took place in this.

For example, morality should be learned from a moral person, and not from a teacher of axiology or something like that at the institute. Meanness and deceit should be learned from the one who really achieved something in this, and not from the one who simply knows about it. In a similar way and in some craft, one needs to learn from an experienced mentor in this matter.

Probably, the role of a mentor is to transfer experience, and experience can be completely different. Such a figure as a mentor is quite significant, but does not have an absolute value, because the truth is actually contained in each person and you just need to understand this fact and discover the inner truth that always resides in you. Another thing, a mentor can help to understand this fact and indicate the most true path to excellence, which, nevertheless, is achieved not by a mentor, but only by the person himself, who always has a decisive role.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.