Is it realistic to revive public gardening in the new economic conditions?

Quite, say South Ural scientists and breeders. But for this, at the state and regional level, in their opinion, it is necessary to solve the most pressing issues:
From the areas under the gardens from the beginning of the preparation of the territories to the entry into the fruiting of the stands to abolish land tax
On a repayable basis, allocate capital investments for planting perennial plants
At the industrial enterprises of the region to organize the production of special equipment for gardening
Necessary laws to protect domestic producers in their own market
Stimulate small business to organize the processing of gardening products
In the system of vocational education, it is necessary to organize training for gardening
The combination of the scientific potential of the Ural agricultural scientists is also very relevant. For these purposes, it is necessary to create the Ural Scientific and Methodological Center with its deployment in Chelyabinsk. The benefits of such a combination are enormous. As proof of this, the Potato Coordination Council, created in April 2000 at the initiative of the GNU YUNIIPOK on a voluntary basis. Over 8 years of collaboration, the institutes of potato farming carried out a powerful mobilization of the gene pool, replenished collections, agreed on cross-breeding combinations, regularly exchanged information, source and breeding material. The practice of the coordination council has shown that this form of work is extremely effective, viable and therefore deserves development and improvement.
Work has also begun on the integration of horticultural institutions. A multilateral agreement was signed between six scientific institutions of the Ural and adjacent regions – GNU YuUNIIPOK, BashNIISH, Udmurt Scientific Research Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Kostanai Scientific Research Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Karabalyk Experimental Station.
Agrarian science today is going through difficult times, but it is alive and is ready to contribute to the revival of agricultural production, including the South Ural industrial gardening.

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