Italian “economic miracle”

50-60 years. – a period of rapid economic growth in Italy (2nd place in Europe after Germany in terms of economic growth)
• Rapid growth in exports
• Stabilization of the national currency – the lira.
• Growth of living standards of the population, registration of a “welfare state”
• The gap in the economic development of the agrarian undeveloped South and the industrial North of Italy
The Italian Economic Miracle is a period of rapid economic growth in Italy between the mid-1950s and mid-1970s, during which the country’s economy turned from an agro-industrial into one of the most industrialized in the world and became one of the world leaders.
Italy emerged from the Second World War among the most affected and destroyed European countries. is the modernization of the economy and its development to the level of one of the largest economies in the world. The economic boom was driven by the foresight and economic savvy of Italian entrepreneurs, as well as the discovery of methane and hydrocarbon deposits in the Padan Plain, which gave impetus to the new development of the iron and steel industry. The rise in Italian steel production was also facilitated by US aid, provided in accordance with the Marshall Plan and directed to the restoration of the main industries. The main purpose of these investments was to develop the industrial sectors of the economy to such a level that would allow them to be competitive in the Common Market space.

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