Let’s imagine for a second that the Earth does not rotate on its axis. What are the consequences of this?

First of all, the countdown that we are used to will disappear. There will be no day or night. The earth will split into two hemispheres: daytime and nighttime. The sun will always shine above the daytime side, and on the night side no one will see the sunlight. The main thing, of course, is that it will be impossible to live on such a planet. The illuminated side will heat up to temperatures above +100 ° С, and on the night side there will be severe Siberian frosts. The oceans will disappear: on the day side they will evaporate, and on the night side they will freeze. But even on the twilight side, life will be impossible – hurricanes, floods, and maybe earthquakes, the strength of which will far exceed the strength of existing phenomena, will not stop here.

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