List activities that can help you manage your feelings and emotions.

Psychologists and psychotherapists give some simple tips, the implementation of which will help manage your feelings and emotions: • you need to cultivate self-control and will;
• one should learn to analyze various situations (what causes them, what consequences may be, which depends on you for their successful resolution; practice shows that there are no hopeless situations); if it is difficult to cope with a conflict situation, you need to ask your parents or friends for help;
• you can’t give vent to negative emotions and spill them on others, you need to try to relieve stress in another way (for example, confidential conversation with a loved one);
• you should not commit impulsive, ill-considered actions – this will only complicate the situation, and will not help to resolve it;
• one should strive for objectivity in assessing the actions of other people (before passing a sentence on someone, you should put yourself in his place and think about what you would do);
• you need to try to always be in a good mood – this is the key to success and good health; this mood facilitates contact with others.

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