List all the factors that are included in the concept of “benefits of physical activity”

Factors of the concept of “benefits of physical activity” Value for the human body
Breath improvement With physical activity, the need for oxygen increases, the oxygen delivery system trains. In the future, with regular exercises, human tissues and organs are better supplied with oxygen and at rest
Improving the condition of the cardiovascular system The heart trains to work more efficiently (pumps more blood with each beat, the pulse becomes slower); the risk of blood clots decreases; cholesterol level is reduced, the risk of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, arterial hypertension is reduced
Musculoskeletal Improvements Increased Muscle Strength, Stamina
Improving the work of other organs Stimulation of intestinal motility, therefore, the prevention of constipation and hemorrhoids; reduced risk of malignant neoplasms
Overweight reduction and prevention of obesity  
Psychological effect Endorphins are produced , good health and mood are created, resistance to stress, depression is increased, sleep is normalized
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