List famous contemporaries of Homer around the world. What important events took place at this time? What did Homer know about them?

If Homer lived at the beginning or middle of the 8th century. BC, then he was a contemporary of the pharaohs Sheshonk V or Osorkon IV of the Libyan dynasty; Assyrian kings Ashur-dan III, Ashur-nerari V or Tiglatpalasar III, as well as the Babylonian kings Nabu-shum-ishkun and Nabu-nasar and the biblical prophet Isaiah.
The Babylonian priests began at this time a continuous chronicle with continuous numbering of years (and not according to the years of the reign of kings). In China at this time, the kingdom of Zhou (which arose shortly after the Trojan War) disintegrated into principalities, in which various schools of philosophers and lawyers flourished. There from the IX century. BC. there was a regular chronicle and there was a set of written laws.
Homer, apparently, did not even know the names of the eastern kings of his time, although he had heard about their powers.

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