List famous contemporaries of Muhammad.

Emperor Heraclius – in Byzantium, King Khosrov II Parviz – in Iran, the Dagobert I River – in France, Pope Gregory I, Li Yuan and Li Shi-min (founders of the Tang dynasty) – in China. Companions of Muhammad: Abu-Bakr, Omar, Osman, Ali; its commanders: Khalid ibn al-Walid (conqueror of Syria), Amr ibn al-As (conqueror of Egypt), Saad ibn Abu-Wakkas (conqueror of Iran). Opponents of Muhammad: Abu-Sufyan and his son Muawiya. Muhammad’s wives are Khadija and A’isha. The daughters of Muhammad are Fatima (Ali’s wife), Ru-kaya and Umm-Kolsum (Osman’s wife).

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