List signs of syphilis infection.

The main sign of syphilis is the occurrence of a small abrasion, or sore, which is called a hard chancre. Chancre is most often localized on the genitals and perineum, but can be on the lips, tongue, anus. The size of the chancre is from the size of a millet seed to the size of a little finger’s nail. The sore is filled with a fluid in which a large number of pale spirochetes are found in the analysis.
From the moment a solid chancre appears, a patient with syphilis becomes contagious. Patients do not always notice the appearance of a sore, since there are no unpleasant sensations – pain, burning, itching. This is the insidiousness of syphilis: nothing hurts, the sore is so small that it does not attract attention, therefore, sexual contacts do not stop, and the patient infects everyone with whom he commits them.

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