List the activities during mechanical ventilation.

Artificial ventilation of the lungs is carried out in two cases: when the victim does not have a heartbeat and breathing; when the heartbeat and spontaneous breathing are preserved, but the respiratory rate does not exceed 10 times per min.
Technique for artificial lung ventilation:
• to ensure patency of the upper respiratory tract (carried out with the index and middle fingers, which must be wrapped with a clean handkerchief or gauze; you must quickly clean the victim’s mouth from foreign bodies, blood and mucus; then tilt his head back, placing a small, dense roller under his shoulders made from any material at hand);
• exhale into the victim’s lungs (carried out by mouth-to-mouth method; it is necessary to inhale deeply and tightly clasping the lips of the victim with his lips, exhale forcefully into his lungs; at the same time, the index nostrils and thumbs of one hand should hold the victim’s nostrils);
• make sure that the chest makes a movement (rises) when exhaling into the lungs of the victim; if this does not happen, then the airways are impassable and air does not enter the lungs; it is necessary to clean the airways of the victim again and slightly change the position of his head.

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