List the events that happen to the apple tree during its life

Events that happen to the apple tree during its life:
1 – the period from the germination of the seed to the formation of fruits (2 – 5 years) – the growth of the vegetative organs of the plant: germination of the seed and the appearance of the sprout; growth of the aerial part and root system; crown formation. During this period, the plant needs to be watered and fed. In order for the tree to winter better, you need not water it from the end of July.
2- the period of growth and fruiting: rejuvenation of the crown and the beginning of flowering and fruiting. At this time, you need to shorten the ends of the branches, cut out weak and old branches, and fight pests.
3 – fruiting period: the plant blooms profusely, so it needs to be fertilized, loosened the soil, rejuvenate the tree
4 – period of drying out – new branches are not formed, fruiting decreases, the quality of fruits deteriorates, skeletal branches die off.

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