List the famous contemporaries of Justinian 1.

The commanders Belisarius and Narses, the minister John Kappado the Chinese and the lawyer Trebonian, his wife Theodora, the patriarch Mena, Pope Sylverius and Vigilius, the Persian king Khosrov I Anushirvan, the monk Dionysius the Small (who calculated the date of the history of the Nativity of Christ), prepared the leaders, Theodoric and Thoth Procopius of Caesarea, architect Anfimai of Thrall (builder of the Church of St. Sophia) in Gaul – the sons of Clovis and the historian Gregory of Tours; in Britain – the leaders Arthur (Britt) and Serdik (Saxon); in the Steppe – the khans of the Turks Bumyn and Istemi; in China – the last emperors of the Toba dynasty and Yang Jian – the future founder of the Sui dynasty.

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