List the folklore genres of literature

Epic is a genre of oral folk art: a Russian folk epic song of heroic and patriotic content. It tells about the exploits of the heroes and reflects the life of Ancient Russia in the IX-XIII centuries. B. combines a historical basis with a great deal of convention and fiction.
Bylichka is a genre of oral folk art: the story of a hero about a meeting with “evil spirits”.
Byl (excursion) – a genre of oral folk art: a story about a real incident, an incident that took place in reality.
Legend is a genre of oral folk art: an instructive story about an outstanding event or deed of a person, a story about an extraordinary, miraculous incident, which is perceived as authentic.
Fiction is a genre of oral folk art: a small-scale prose or poetic narration, usually of comic content, the plot of which is based on incongruity, absurdity, the image of an inverted, deliberately distorted reality; a fairy tale based on a violation of the semantic combinability of words, “a changeling”.
Ritual songs are a genre of oral folk art: songs associated with various holidays or calendar rituals, accompanying, for example, a wedding, harvesting, threshing, the Feast of the Nativity of Christ, Shrovetide, etc.
Tradition is a genre of oral folk art: a story, a narrative about real people and events of the past, information about which had to be passed on to subsequent generations.

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