List the main events of the Punic Wars.

In 264 BC. e. the first Punic War began. The first Punic War lasted 23 years. The Romans captured Sicily and forced the Carthaginians to pay a huge indemnity. Rome and Carthage also divided up the coastal lands in Spain. In 218 BC. e, the second Punic War began.
216 BC e. – Battle of Cannes, in which Hannibal defeated the Romans.
In 202 BC. e. in a battle near the city of Zama, located south of Carthage, the Roman general Scipio the Elder defeated Hannibal. This was the only battle lost by the great Carthaginian general. In 201 BC. e. a humiliating peace for the Carthaginians was signed.
In 149 BC. e. Roman troops landed in Africa and laid siege to Carthage. The siege lasted 3 years. When the Romans broke into the city, they had to overcome the desperate resistance of the defenders, to fight for every street and every house. In 146 BC. e. the city was destroyed, and the place itself was given a religious curse. Carthaginian possessions were declared the Roman province of Africa (later this name spread to the entire continent).

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