List the rules for safe behavior in public places.

In public places, the following basic rules for safe behavior must be followed:
• you should not enter into a conversation with strangers, try not to attract attention to yourself;
• in a cafe (restaurant) you need to sit away from the exit, better with your back to the wall, you should not take a place in poorly lit corners; the safest places are near the counter;
• you must be careful when communicating with people who are seated at your table; do not get involved in disputes or quarrels, try to reconcile quarreling people;
• if it is necessary to change the currency, the exchange should be made only in specially designated places;
• You should not buy things from people who are suspicious or sell them much cheaper than real value: this is most likely a stolen item or a fake;
• You can’t take part in gambling in an effort to increase your capital: you can be left completely without money;
• if a lot of purchases are made, it is better to take a taxi, then there are more chances to safely take things home
• when visiting the public toilet, care must be taken: this place is unsafe;
• When going with friends or relatives to a large store or to a social event, you must always agree on where you will meet if you miss each other.

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