List what is not recommended for a girl (woman) to do so as not to provoke violent actions against herself.

In order not to provoke violent acts against yourself, it is recommended to observe the following rules.
When going to visit, to a party, in a cafe, a bar, to a concert, to some public events or to places that do not enjoy a good reputation, you should not wear a very short skirt, paint lips, eyelids, eyelashes in unimaginable colors. This provokes guys and men, they are perceived as a signal. You can not be seduced by a pleasant appearance, polite treatment, exquisite behavior of a new acquaintance. A long look into the eyes of an unfamiliar man acts as a call to start a conversation. Often in this case, men believe that the girl gave a signal.
Such a situation may arise. The man makes the girl understand that he would like to get closer with her, slightly touching her elbow or knee during a conversation. If at the same time she does not pull away, he can already take her hand, at the waist, and try to stroke her on the back. If after this reaction she doesn’t follow, he can proceed to more decisive actions, and then indignation can cause an aggressive reaction. Therefore, the girl must be able to timely withdraw from unwanted courtship. If she allows herself to pay for herself to an unfamiliar man, this is also one of the signs that there is no objection to rapprochement. You can’t, having barely met a man, invite him to your house or agree to visit him. It must be remembered that by inviting a girl to a cafe, restaurant or concert, giving her a present, some men often consider her obliged to go to intimacy. Why should not a girl go home to a stranger? Because she could be abused there. No matter how gentle a man may appear at first glance, he can take advantage of physical strength. Even if there are traces of resistance (bites, abrasions, scratches) on the body of the rapist, he will deny everything and say that the girl inflicted all these injuries in a fit of passion. If a girl is alone with a man (even a friend), she should be prepared for the fact that he will have a desire for intimacy. In this case, one should behave freely, but not try to flirt, as in an intimate atmosphere a man can take coquetry for an invitation to intimacy, and consider the resistance rendered as simulated. Girls need to behave prudently with young people (especially unfamiliar ones) so as not to provoke them to rape. Even a well-mannered person with a temperamental temperament can find it difficult to stop and not use force if the girl did everything in order to not only excite, but overexcite him. You must always remember the effects of alcohol. Under his influence, the man’s behavior changes, and the girl can become relaxed to such an extent that she will go on close relations with a man whom, under other circumstances, would not even become acquainted with.

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