Maintenance of slaves and ancient Rome?

Rations for slaves. For those who work in the field: in winter – 4 modia (8.75 l) of wheat, and in summer – 4.5.
Wine for slaves. At the end of the grape harvest, let them drink rinses for three months, in the fourth month they receive hemin (0.274 liters) per day.
Welding to slaves. Prepare as many dead olives as possible for future use. Then prepare mature ones – those from which you can get very little oil. Take care of them so that they last as long as possible. When the olives are eaten! ” give fish pickle and vinegar. Give each one a sextarius (0.547 l) for a month, a mod of salt will be enough for each one for a year.
Slave Clothing: Tunic (undershirt) 3.5 pounds and cloak one year later – Whenever you give a tunic or cloak, take your old clothes for patchwork first. Good wooden shoes should be given after a year.

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