Major discoveries and achievements of Arab scientists in the field of science

Mathematics: Arabic numerals, the concept of “zero” (borrowed from the scientists of Ancient India and contributed to the penetration of this knowledge into Europe); knew the works of Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes; created algebra – Al-Khwarizmi; could calculate the circumference; knew the number pi.
Astronomy: the presence of observatories in large cities; calculated eclipses, planetary motion; approximately calculated the circumference of the earth; described the location of the visible stars, gave them names; Al-Biruni (late 10th – early 11th centuries) – The Earth revolves around the Sun. Persian manuscript with Al-Biruni’s drawing explaining the phases of the eclipse.
Geography: Masudi – created maps of countries known to Arabs; essays for merchants, to find profitable markets; a description of the countries that make up the Arab Caliphate; divided the entire land into 5 climatic zones, described the influence of climate on cultural development. al-Masoudi world map.

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