Make a catalog of the peoples of Eurasia by language group

To date, 7 language families have been recorded, which unite all the languages ​​and dialects of the peoples living on the mainland. Each of these families is divided into linguistic groups of the peoples of Eurasia. There are 17 of them.
All languages ​​are divided into:
1. The Indo-European family: Slavic group (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish, Czech and Bulgarian); German group (English, German, Norwegian and Swedish); Baltic group (Lithuanian and Latvian); Romance group (Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian); Celtic group (Irish); Greek group (Greek); Iranian group (Tajik, Afghan and Ossetian); Indo-Aryan group (Hindustan and Nepali); Armenian group (Armenian);
2. The Kartvelian family (Georgian).
3.Afrasian family: Semitic group (Arabic);
4. Ural-Yugogir family: Finno-Ugric group (Hungarian, Estonian and Finnish);
5.Altai family: Turkic group (Turkish, Kazakh and Kyrgyz); Mongolian group (Mongolian and Buryat); Japanese group (Japanese); Korean group (Korean);
6. Sino-Tibetan family (Chinese);
7.North-Caucasian family: Abkhaz-Adyghe group (Abkhaz and Adyghe); Nakh-Dagestan group (Chechen).

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