Make a chronological table showing the forms of human influence on the environment in different periods of civilization

Development periods Environmental interaction
7 thousand years ago The emergence of real agriculture, the emergence of the first civilizations and the first anthropogenic biogeocenoses.
2 thousand years ago A sharp increase in anthropogenic pressure on the environment, deforestation and soil depletion.
The beginning of the XVII – XIX centuries. The increase in the consumption of fossil resources, severe pollution of air and water, the appearance of huge masses of solid waste.
The end of the XIX – XX centuries. The rapid depletion of non-renewable natural resources, the destruction and pollution of potentially renewable resources – soil, forests, pastures and waters of land and ocean.
2000 year The post-industrial era, strict legislation in the field of the protection of natural resources.
The end of the XXI century. The Earth’s population is stabilizing at the level of 8-12 billion people, and the growth rate of industrial production will slow down somewhat.
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