Make a table “Main forms of variability”

Volatility Forms Reasons for the appearance Value Examples
Non-hereditary modification (phenotypic) Change in environmental conditions, as a result of which the body changes within the limits of the reaction rate specified by the genotype Adaptation – adaptation to these environmental conditions, survival, preservation of offspring Cabbage in hot climates does not form a head. Breeds of horses and cows brought into the mountains become stunted
Hereditary (genotypic) Mutational The influence of external and internal mutagenic factors, resulting in a change in genes and chromosomes Material for natural and artificial selection, since mutations can be useful, harmful and indifferent, dominant and recessive  
  Combined It occurs spontaneously within the population when crossing, when new gene combinations appear in descendants Distribution of new hereditary changes in the population that serve as material for selection  
  Correlative (correlative) The result is the properties of genes to influence the formation of not one, but two or more characters The constancy of interrelated features, the integrity of the organism as a system  


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