Make a table: “The main events in the field of international relations in 1815-1870.”

Years England France German states Italy
1800-1830 Napoleonic Wars, Congress of Vienna, Greek War of Liberation Napoleonic Wars, Congress of Vienna, Bourbon Restoration , Greek War of Liberation Napoleonic Wars, Congress of Vienna, formation of the German Confederation Napoleonic wars, Bourbon restoration, anti-Austrian uprisings in Italy
1840-1850 support for national liberation movements in Europe Second Republic, suppression of the revolution in Rome revolution of 1848 and the growing contradictions between Prussia and Austria first war with Austria for independence
1860-1870 support for the Polish uprising, confrontation with Russia, the creation of the British Empire, the Sepoy uprising, colonial conquests in Asia alliance with Piedmont and war with Austria, Franco-Prussian war Austro-Prussian and Franco-Prussian wars, creation of the North German Confederation Second War of Independence with Austria, Creation of the Italian Kingdom


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