Make recommendations for the future father to maintain the health of the mother and baby during pregnancy.

Tips for future fathers:
1. help in changing the regime of work and rest of the wife;
2. provide psychological support, take care that the wife receives positive emotions;
3. quit bad habits or not succumb to them in the presence of his wife;
4. more walking, going to the theater, getting out into the countryside;
5. fortify nutrition in the family;
6. remind his wife of rest, daytime sleep and that she does not get nervous and does not respond to troubles, since not only the father, but also the mother is responsible for the peace of mind of the baby;
7. to be gentle, attentive and caring;
8. arrange a wife for courses or in a club for expectant mothers, where she will receive the information that is necessary during pregnancy, childbirth, after childbirth, and learn how to care for the baby and his education;
9. massage his wife (about how to do it, it is better to consult a specialist);
10. wait, believe and make every effort to give birth to a healthy baby, regardless of gender, since in the womb the child feels whether they are waiting for him.

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