Metabolism. Plastic and energy metabolism

Metabolism and energy are continuously exchanged between the body and its environment.


Metabolism is a complex chain of transformations of substances in the body, starting from the moment they arrive from the external environment and ending with the removal of decay products.
Metabolism begins with the intake of water and food into the body. In the digestive canal, some of the substances are broken down with the help of enzymes into simpler ones, which are absorbed in the intestine and pass into the blood (and the substances are transferred with the blood to the cells of the body). The processes of their chemical transformations (cellular metabolism) take place in cells, during which the body receives the energy and materials it needs to build its own cells and tissues. Undigested food residues and metabolic products are removed from the body with urine, feces, sweat and exhaled air.

Plastic and energy metabolism

Metabolism is the totality of chemical reactions that take place in the body to support life. The whole variety of reactions occurring in a living organism can be divided into two groups and attributed to plastic or energy metabolism.

Plastic metabolism (assimilation, or anabolism) – reactions of the formation of complex organic substances from simple ones, proceeding with the use of energy.
Energy metabolism (dissimilation, or catabolism) – the processes of splitting and oxidation of complex organic substances to simple ones, going with the release of energy stored in food substances.
In the body, assimilation and dissimilation are balanced.

Metabolism (metabolism) is a set of chemical reactions that take place in a living organism.
The main types of metabolism are protein, carbohydrate, fat and water-salt metabolism.

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