Methods for Studying Digestion

The main methods of studying the processes of digestion in humans are focused on their painlessness and harmlessness.
Ultrasound examinations (ultrasound) are widely used in the diagnosis of diseases of the digestive system.

The method of endoscopy (gastroscopy) is often used: the introduction of an elastic tube – an endoscope (probe) into the cavity of the stomach and duodenum. This method allows you to examine the cavity of the alimentary canal, the ducts of the glands, and even perform small operations using instruments inserted into it.

The X-ray method is also often used. The patient is given a substance that is impervious to X-rays to drink. Then, when scanning on an X-ray machine, the contours of different parts of the alimentary canal are determined.

New opportunities for studying the digestive system appeared with the development of radio electronics. The patient swallows a special capsule equipped with a miniature camera that freely passes through the digestive tract and takes pictures in its various parts.

With the help of these methods, doctors can timely detect various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

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