Name and characterize the factors that destroy human health.

The main factors that have a harmful effect on human health are tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption, drug addiction and substance abuse.
Tobacco smoking is one of the most common bad habits. It has a negative effect on the human pulmonary system, causing respiratory tract disease (bronchitis). Causes peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum. Particularly adversely affects the activity of the cardiovascular system (heart failure, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, vasoconstriction).
Alcohol has a destructive effect on all systems and organs of a person. It affects mainly the nervous system, destroys its basis – brain cells. Once in the stomach, it has a negative effect on the entire digestive function. Alcohol is especially harmful to the liver. It destructively affects all the endocrine glands, primarily the pancreas (diabetes and diabetes mellitus develop) and sexual.
Addiction and substance abuse are diseases that arise as a result of substance abuse, causing a short-term sense of a pleasant mental state. These diseases have become most widespread in recent decades. Once in the internal environment of the body, drugs and toxic substances have a strong effect on the brain, affect internal organs, cause neurological and mental disorders, and develop social degradation.

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