Name several cities in Hellas that arose long before the Homeric era. What cities arose in Hellas after Homer, but before Thales?

The oldest cities in Hellas are Athens, Mycenae, Corinth, Pylos and Knossos, all of which existed before the Trojan War. After her, in the era of migration of peoples (before Homer), Thebes arose in Boeotia, Ephesus and Miletus in Ionia, Chersonesos of Thrace, Byzantium on the Bosphorus and Sparta (in the 9th century BC). Still later (from the middle of the 8th century BC) colonies appeared: Naples and Tarentum in Italy, Massalia in Gaul, Cyrene in Libya, Navcratis in Egypt; Olbia, Tauric Chersonesos and Panticapoy in the Black Sea region.

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