Name the features of the Reformation in England and France.

In England, during the Reformation, the lands of the monasteries were appropriated by the government and partially sold to nobles and wealthy townspeople. The king himself appointed bishops and distributed church revenues. The sermons in the churches were read in English, not in Latin as before. The clergy received the right to marry. At the same time, the posts of bishops, rich interior decoration of churches, all Catholic dogmas and rituals have been preserved. King Henry VIII equally persecuted Catholics who opposed church reform, and Puritans who demanded its deepening.
In France, there was also a religious division of society. By the middle of the XVI century. here appeared numerous supporters of Calvinism, who were called Huguenots. For more than 30 years (1562-1598), France was engulfed in fratricidal “Huguenot wars”.

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