Note which of the adverse climatic events in your area.

Phenomenon Main areas of distribution Causes of occurrence Adverse effects Control measures
1. Drought

2. Dry winds

1. Forest-steppe

2. The Caucasus, the European part of Russia, the Caspian

1. Stable anticyclones, high temperatures, low rainfall

2. High temperature, low relative humidity

1. Depletion of soil moisture, drying out of lakes, ponds

2. Reduce productivity, uh improve soil quality

1. Planting of forest strips, irrigation of fields

2. Planting of forest strips, irrigation of fields

3. Dust storms

4. Hurricanes

3. Steppes

4. The European part of Russia

3. Wind, lack of moisture

4. The passage of cyclones with autumn low pressure in the center 3. Harmful agricultural , blows the upper soil layer

4. Damage to , transport, industry, turns the trees, power line poles

3. Sowing the fields

4. P ognozirovanie, partial evacuation

5. Frosts, frosts

6. Hail, ice

 5. North of Russia

6. Ciscaucasia

5. Cooling

6. A sharp cold and e

5. The death of winter crops

6. The death of oz and mih cultures, accidents

5. Weather forecasting

6. Sprinkling roads with salt, sand

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