Offer your family a weekly diet with foods included

Breakfast. A portion of oatmeal porridge with pieces of berries (fresh or frozen), cottage cheese with low-fat sour cream.
Repeated breakfast. 250 ml fermented baked milk, 1 apple.
Lunch time. A serving of buckwheat porridge, one chicken cutlet for a couple. Green tea + 1 citrus fruit.
An afternoon snack. A handful of raisins and a few cashews.
Dinner time. 200 ml of any drinkable fermented milk product, boiled or baked chicken breast (250 grams), two fresh cucumbers.
Breakfast. A glass of cornflakes with low-fat milk, cottage cheese casserole, 2 boiled eggs.
Repeated breakfast. Any fresh fruit, two slices of low-fat cheese.
Lunch time. Vegetable soup, a serving of durum wheat pasta with cheese, 1 tomato.
An afternoon snack. Green tea, 1 cereal bar.
Dinner time. Steamed fish (250 grams of the finished product), stewed cabbage.
Breakfast time. A serving of oatmeal porridge with berries, a portion of cottage cheese with low-fat sour cream, two eggs.
Repeated breakfast. Two apples.
Lunch time. Boiled rice, poultry. A couple of slices of low-fat cheese, 1 citrus fruit.
An afternoon snack. One cereal bar.
Dinner time. Steamed vegetables, baked fish.
Breakfast time. Boiled rice porridge with milk, with a handful of any nuts, two fresh pears.
Repeated breakfast. A glass of natural yogurt.
Lunch snack. Boiled rice with a Mexican mixture (peas, corn, beans), rabbit meat (250 grams).
An afternoon snack. Dried fruit compote, 1 citrus fruit.
Dinner time. Two slices of cheese, boiled vegetables, turkey meat (170 grams).
Breakfast. Omelette on milk, three slices of cheese, cottage cheese with low-fat sour cream.
Repeated breakfast. Green tea, cereal bar.
Lunch time. A portion of chicken soup, a baked piece of red fish, a slice of low-fat cheese.
An afternoon snack. A glass of kefir.
Dinner time. Salad of fresh vegetables and herbs, boiled rice, chicken breast (150 grams).
Breakfast. A glass of cereal with milk, scrambled eggs, a slice of cheese.
Repeated breakfast. One orange.
Lunch time. Seafood pasta, chicken soup, green tea.
An afternoon snack. Dried fruits compote.
Dinner time. A handful of nuts, a glass of kefir, a cereal bar.
Breakfast. Cereal cookies, a glass of low-fat milk, cottage cheese with sour cream.
Repeated breakfast. Fresh pear.
Lunch time. Buckwheat porridge, a slice of lean meat (200 grams).
An afternoon snack. A glass of homemade jelly.
Dinner time. A piece of baked red fish (250 grams), a salad of greens, two fresh cucumbers.

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