On the example of the history of one of the countries of the West during the XIX century. show how the development

On the example of the history of one of the countries of the West during the XIX century. show how the development of capitalism has changed the social structure of society.

In England, the industrial revolution had a significant impact on public relations. The main groups of society in the 19th century in England, as in other Western countries, were capitalists and wage workers.
The stratum of the bourgeoisie was heterogeneous: part of the bourgeoisie was connected with financial capital, another invested in industry, and the third invested in trade.
Some lived on interest from invested capital, turning into a rentier.
Prosperous people stood out among the peasantry, who ran a capitalist economy and a ruined poor.
Craftsmen, who used to make up the bulk of the producers of goods, went bankrupt and joined the ranks of hired workers.
Landowners (landowners) gradually lost their privileged position, while continuing to have a significant impact on the politics and economy of England.
The only source of income for workers was wage labor. But the working class was not homogeneous either. Skilled and educated workers were a good earning layer of the labor aristocracy, but there were few. Most of them did not have sufficient qualifications, their standard of living was low.
A new layer appeared, which was called the middle class, which included knowledgeable and educated people who could handle equipment – engineers, agronomists, skilled workers, an increase in the number of school teachers and university professors, many of whom lived on the sale of their knowledge . Demanded were people who understood the work of the enterprise – managers, economists.
Another representative of the middle class – artists, artists, architects – were able to reveal their capabilities thanks to the financial support of capitalists – connoisseurs of beauty.

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