Outcomes of the Washington Nine Powers Conference

• Signing on 13 Dec. 1921 the treaty of the four powers (USA, Great Britain, France and Japan), which legally secured the status and temporary balance of the four powers in the Pacific region.
• Signing in Feb. 1921 the treaty of the five powers (USA, England, Japan, France, Italy), which established the following proportions of the linear fleet: 5: 5: 3: 1.75: 1.75.
• Signing 6 Feb. 1922 the treaty of the nine participating powers, which concerned ensuring guarantees of China’s territorial integrity and respect for its sovereignty, as well as proclaiming the principle of “open doors and equal opportunities” in relation to China in trade and business and obliging not to resort to using the internal situation in China for the purpose of obtaining special rights and privileges that may harm the rights and interests of other states parties to the treaty.

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