Pantheon of major Sumerian-Akkadian gods

An – the god of the sky and the father of the Gods, the keeper of the city of Uruk. His wife is the goddess Ki (earth) Their children:
Enlil (Ellil) – the king of the gods, the god of air, fertility and storm; the lord of the world of people, the keeper of the city of Nippur. His son
Nanna is the god of the moon, the keeper of Ur. Her son:
Shamash (Utu) – patron of the sun, keeper of the city of Lars
Adad (Ishkur) – the god of thunder, storm and wind; warrior god; sends fruitful rains and destructive storms; keeper of Karkar
Ishtar (Inanna) – the goddess of women and fertility; keeper of Uruk
Marduk (Amarutu) – god of wisdom, healing, magic arts, irrigation, giver of peace and prosperity; keeper of Babylon
Enki – the god of wisdom, culture (both art and material – agriculture, crafts, gardening), the master of the world’s ocean of underground waters Abzu; keeper of Eridu

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