Peace Treaty of Versailles, its results and results

Date: June 28, 1919
Location: Versailles, France
With whom: Germany.

Alsace and Lorraine → France; the counties of Eupen, Malmedy and Morenay → Belgium; North Schleswig → Denmark
· The emergence of a demilitarized zone.
· The Saar region fell under the control of the League of Nations for 15 years.
· Germany recognized the independence of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria and Luxembourg.
· Part of Pomerania, Poznan, West and East Prussia, Upper Silesia → Poland.
· Gdansk turned into a “free city” under the control of LN.
· East Prussia was separated from Germany by the “Polish corridor”.
· Memel and surrounding areas incl. to Lithuania.
· Part of Silesia → Czechoslovakia.
· Germany is deprived of all colonies, which were divided in the form of mandates between France, England, Belgium, Portugal and Japan.
· The number of him. army is limited to 100 thousand people.
· Germany banned the production of heavy weapons and the construction of large warships.
· Germany was declared the only culprit in the outbreak of the First World War. On this basis, she had to pay huge reparations in favor of the winners. Later, the amount was set at 132 billion marks.

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