Political activities William Clinton

William Jefferson Blythe III was born on August 19, 1946 in Hope, Arkansas.
The inauguration of William Jefferson Clinton took place on January 20, 1993
He was president until January 20, 2001.
Is currently alive

The USA sharply reduced the external debt, unemployment became insignificant. America has become a leader in high technology (before Clinton, Japan was a leader in IT). His administration also lobbied for a worldwide nuclear test ban. The disappearance of resistance from the USSR made it easier to expand the influence of the US leadership led by Clinton and made it possible to achieve unimaginable results so far: the fourth NATO expansion and the separation of Kosovo and Metohija from Yugoslavia after the NATO War against Yugoslavia in 1999.
During the Clinton presidency, the United States significantly reduced the amount of military intervention in other countries, compared to the days of Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush. Americans pinned their hopes on Democratic President Clinton as a reformer of the US conservative society, citizens hoped that Clinton would reduce the influence of religious confessions and resume research in the field of genetics, frozen by the Republicans. If there really was a breakthrough in science, then the position of religion, on the contrary, was greatly strengthened, and all sorts of destructive sects became more active. In May 2009, Clinton himself received the post of UN special envoy for Haiti.

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