Politics of Tiglathpalasar I (1114-1076)

• Under Tiglathpalasar I (1114-1076) Assyria continued its aggressive policy and regained its former power, tk. the external situation changed: the Hittite kingdom fell, Egypt was fragmented, the south of Babylonia was captured by the Chaldeans ->
• about 30 campaigns to the west: the capture of Northern Syria and Northern Phenicia, part of Asia Minor. As a sign of triumph, Tiglathpalasar I made a demonstrative exit on Phoenician ships to the Mediterranean Sea.
• New victories over Nairi (north)
• Sending gifts from Egypt
• re-conquest of Babylon -> Egypt and Babylonia united -> defeated Assyria and returned it to its former borders
• After the death of Tiglatpalasar I, Assyria underwent expansion and further resettlement of the Arameans -> settled and mixed with the Assyrians -> the decline of the socio-economic and political life of Assyria, the end of the Middle Assyrian period.

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