Positions of representatives of the legislative branch of France (views and methods of activity)

Group of deputies Composition Views and methods of action
Girondins – Moderate Republicans Representatives of the Gironde province Supporters of reforms aimed at the development of trade, industry and the elimination of the monarchy. They sought to strengthen their influence with the help of a victorious war against the enemies of revolutionary France
Swamp or plain Most of the deputies of the Convention Didn’t have an opinion, supported those who had real power
Jacobins – Republicans Representatives of urban and entrepreneurial strata of France The most determined supporters of the republic. They achieved their goals with the help of revolutionary terror

The main measures initiated by the Girondins: the elimination of feudal agrarian legislation (1789-1793), the declaration of war on monarchical Europe (April 20, 1792), the proclamation of the republic (September 22, 1792), the struggle for the separation of the Church from the state (from the beginning of 1792. ), for the equality of women, the rights of religious, national and racial minorities. The Jacobins, starting as supporters of the constitutional monarchy and the reforms carried out by the Constituent Assembly, turned into supporters of decisive measures. In June 1793, they established a revolutionary dictatorship.

Output. There was no unity among the participants in the revolution; in the struggle between them, supporters of radical measures increasingly took up.


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