Prepare examples describing the struggle for existence between organisms: a) of one species; b) different types.

Intraspecific struggle for existence is a struggle between individuals of the same species. This struggle is the most fierce and especially stubborn. It is accompanied by inhibition and displacement of less adapted individuals of this species. In the process of this struggle, organisms of one species constantly compete for living space, for writing, for shelters, breeding partners, a place for reproduction. The intraspecific struggle for existence intensifies with an increase in the population size and an increase in the specialization of the species.
1) the struggle for females in artiodactyls (deer);
2) the struggle for food is a raven (a stronger crow takes food from a weak one);
3) the struggle for sunlight in plants, such as dandelions;
4) the struggle for a place in the garden near a carrot.

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