Proof of water evaporation by plants

You can make sure that the plant evaporates water by experiment.

Place a separate shoot in the flask without cutting it off from the plant. Close the neck of the flask with cotton wool. After a while, water droplets appear on the inner walls of the flask. It was evaporated by the leaves of the plant.

Another experiment confirms the evaporation of water by a plant. Place a plant shoot in a test tube with water and pour some vegetable oil into it. Leave the second tube with the same amount of water and oil (without the plant) for control.

The next day, the water level in the test tube with the plant will drop significantly, while the water level in the control tube will remain the same.

Conclusion: plant shoots evaporate water. To determine the amount of water evaporated by a plant, one can conduct such an experiment. Cut off a branch with leaves of a plant and put it in a bottle of water (fill the water surface with a small amount of vegetable oil so that water does not evaporate from the surface). We put the bottle of water on the scale pan and balance the cups with weights. Within a day, there will be less water in the bottle, and the weighing cup on which the bottle stands will rise, and it will be easy to determine the mass of water that the leaves have evaporated during the day.

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