Prove on a concrete example that unconditioned reflexes are inherited, that is, they appear even in a newborn child.

In newborns, the following types of reflexes form:
1. The sucking reflex is the ability of the newborn to make sucking movements. It manifests itself with any irritation of the oral cavity. As soon as the baby feels that there is any object in his mouth, he tightly grasps it with the help of lips and tongue and begins to actively suck.
2. Swallowing reflex – provides the ability to swallow food that is in the baby’s mouth. This automatism persists throughout life;
3. Proboscis reflex – is the ability of the baby to fold the sponge “tube”. This reaction occurs after a quick touch or a light tap on the upper lip of the child. At the same time, the round muscle of the mouth involuntarily contracts and the lips are pulled forward;
4. Searing or search reflex – has such a name, because it is associated with the infant’s search for the mother’s breast. With a light touch of the corner of the mouth, the child turns his head towards the source of irritation, and his lower lip drops

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