Prove that birds have more complex behaviors than reptiles.

In the bird’s brain, the most developed parts are the forebrain and cerebellum. The large hemispheres of the forebrain correspond in mass to all other parts of the brain, and in some birds they even surpass them (in birds of prey twice, in parrots – three times). A highly developed forebrain serves as the basis for complex bird behavior, including social behavior. They easily acquire conditioned reflexes, some of them are capable of learning (parrots, crows, jackdaws). However, unconditioned reflexes remain the main regulator of behavior. At the same time, birds demonstrate the most complex instinctive activity among all vertebrates. This activity is manifested in the complex sexual behavior of birds, building nests, incubating eggs, caring for chicks, migration to breeding and feeding sites. Reptiles are not capable of such complex forms of behavior.

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