Prove that reproduction is one of the most important properties of wildlife.

The ability to reproduce is one of the main properties of living matter. Reproduction, that is, reproduction of their own kind, ensures the continuity and continuity of life. In the process of reproduction, the genetic information is accurately reproduced and transmitted from the parent generation to the next, daughter, which ensures the existence of the species for a long time, despite the death of individual individuals. Reproduction is based on the cell’s ability to divide, and the transfer of genetic information ensures the material continuity of generations of any kind. In order for an individual to reproduce its own kind, that is, to become capable of reproduction, it must grow and reach a certain stage of development. Not all organisms survive to the reproductive period and not all leave offspring, therefore, in order to maintain the existence of the species, each generation must produce more descendants than there were parents. The properties of living organisms – growth, development and reproduction – are inextricably linked with each other.

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