Reformation in Germany, England, France, the Netherlands (main events, result and togas)

The course of the Reformation Germany England France Netherlands
Start 1517 g. 1534 g.    
Main events 1517 – M. Luther’s speech with 95 theses against indulgences; 1530 – Augsburg Reichstag; 1546-1555 -war of Emperor Charles V against Protestant princes 1534 – the announcement of King Henry VIII about the withdrawal of the Church of England from subordination to the Pope; 1571 – Adoption of the law “39 articles” by the English parliament 1562-1598 – religious wars; 1572 – St. Bartholomew’s Night 1566-1581   – the uprising of Protestants, which grew into a war of liberation from the rule of Spain
Outcome 1555 – And the Ugsburg religious world: “Whose power, that and faith” 1571 city of y evidence supporting the Church of England 1598 -N antsky edict of religious tolerance 1581 – Creation of an independent Protestant state in the Northern Netherlands (Holland)


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