Remember what deviant behavior is. Why does it arise? Give examples of deviant behavior. Which of them relate to legal relations?

Deviant behavior – social behavior that does not correspond to an existing norm or a set of norms accepted by a significant part of people in a group or community. There are many reasons for deviant behavior. These can be shortcomings in upbringing, life circumstances, and bad habits. And the most dangerous reason, no matter how trite it may sound, is precisely bad habits. And although this problem is constantly raised, everyone has heard about it, but the number of people who use alcohol and drugs is constantly growing.
There are quite a few levels of deviant behavior. The most striking of these are personal, group and government deviant behavior.
Personal deviant behavior of a citizen is when a person independently leads an asocial life. Maybe not entirely, because it is quite difficult to find a person who is absolutely bad, who does not fit into society. One way or another, but some of the actions of such a person will be consistent with the principles of morality and ethics. At least other people will look for this in the behavior of an asocial person. But sometimes for some people, such a life is the norm.
If we are talking about group deviant behavior, then we can cite the example of sports fans who behave illegally, shout, start fights. Some fans who are seen stirring up conflict during or after a game are prohibited from leaving their home country. For example, English football fans are a scary phenomenon that is famous all over the world.
The most dangerous type of deviant behavior is the state. Imagine a situation when a certain state body behaves in a manner inconsistent with legal norms. For example, the traffic police take bribes from ordinary road users. This is the worst type of deviant behavior because it disrupts the normal functioning of society as a whole.
Illegal actions, misconduct and offenses: hooliganism, foul language in a public place, participation in a fight and other actions that violate legal norms, but are not yet a serious criminal offense.

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