Remember what the weapons of the Persian warriors were.

The Persian army consisted of infantry, cavalry and chariot troops, and later Greek mercenaries also began to be part of it. Even under Cyrus, cavalry regiments were formed, in which light military chariots were replaced with more durable ones, whose drawbars and wheels were equipped with sickles. The warriors who fought on them were dressed in strong armor. The light Persian cavalry was equipped with canvas carapace, scale armor, and armed with swords, bows, and shields. Heavy horsemen wore armor that covered the entire body of a warrior. In addition to swords, bows and shields, she was armed with long spears. The infantry was also divided into light and heavy. The light infantry was armed with spears, swords, bows, and shields, and clad in light armor; heavy infantry – with sabers, axes, axes and wore heavy armor.

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