Results and significance of the Hussite movement

1. A Hussite church has been created, which is more democratic and closer to the people. The Catholic Church lost all of its dominions and influence in society.
2. The peasants stopped drinking tithes.
3. Church lands went to the nobility, so no one was interested in restoring the power of the church.
4. Royal power was limited by parliament – the Diet. The Czech Republic became an estate monarchy.
5. The German population was expelled from the cities. The Czech Republic has become an almost one-national state.
6. The Hussite movement delayed the development of the Czech Republic for a long time. If under CARL the country was at the center of the cultural, ideological and political life of Europe, now it is completely isolated within the framework of its local religious and political problems. Prague has ceased to be a world center.
7. During the struggle, the treasures of church art were destroyed.

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